Water Troughs

Our moulded Concrete Water Troughs are strong and durable, suitable for many types of livestock.

Concrete troughs are a good choice because they are not affected by the weather, nor can their shape be distorted or damaged by livestock.

Lack of corner traps and the smooth internal finish make our troughs very easy to clean, drain and maintain.

Water troughs are available in various sizes to meet our clients’ needs.

We mould our Concrete Water Troughs in the following sizes:

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20L Water Trough   80L Water Trough
Price R480.00 Price R780.00
250L Water Trough 300L Water Trough
Price R1480.00 Price R1780.00
400L Water Trough 800L Water Trough
Pricen R1880.00 Price R2580.00
1000L Water Trough
Price R2580.00

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