Cement Moulding Services

Troughs can either be delivered to your farm, or for large orders, they can be made on-site (our team will come out to your farm and prepare and complete the troughs on your property).

Ready-made troughs for delivery

Your troughs are made on our premises according to your specifications and delivered to your farm when complete. They are delivered by truck and the delivery cost is calculated per kilometer.

On-site troughs made directly on your farm

We can only mould concrete troughs on your farm if you place a minimum order of 80 x Troughs or 200 metres of concrete.

Truck with crane, concrete mixers and three workers will be supplied at the cost of the client.

The client must then supply the following:

  1. Sand
  2. Stone
  3. Cement
  4. Steel Reinforcing and Hardening Fluid

www_Job_done_on_your_farm Gereed_om_te_begin_1 Mould_for_troughs

Assistance with planning the layout of your troughs and storage areas

Cement flooring for barns and storage rooms

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