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About 20 years ago we decided to cast our own concrete Feed and Water troughs, as we were tired of struggling with ineffective old tyres and rusted ones. The result of our attempt was very successful as our neighbours, when seeing our products, immediately placed their orders. This was the start of W&W Krippe which has grown over the years to the popular business it is today.

We are proud to say that some of our first troughs are still in use and in the same condition as when they were first cast 20 years ago! This proves that there is no limit to the durability of our troughs.

Our troughs are designed with the following in mind:

The amount of trough space available when providing livestock with water and feed significantly influences their performance.

Animals must drink with ease.

A straight trough is easier to clean than a round or circular trough because a broom can be pushed through with ease.

A drain plug is necessary to allow easy drainage.

Other Services

  1. We can cast up to 100 metres of Feeding Troughs per day on your premises.
  2. We cast concrete floors for Store Rooms and Bunkers.
  3. NEW: Concrete poles for fences as per our drawings.
  4. Round steel Feeding Rings – construction dimensions are 1.8 meters x 1.3 meters.
  5. Rapid and effective establishment of Silage Bunkers.

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